bullet Why use a Fractional CTO?
The Fractional CTO concept lets smaller companies take advantage of the strategic benefits of a CTO who understands their company without bearing the burden of a full time C-level executive.
bullet How many hours a week do I need?
It depends on many factors.  In a steady state mode, most companies with small development groups (2-15 engineers) require between 8 to 10 hours a week.
bullet What does a Fractional CTO provide?
•  A business-driven technology perspective and strategy to the company.
•  Strength and appropriateness of software and hardware architecture.
•  Scalability needs and capabilities.
•  Personnel and abilities assessment.
•  Organizational structure effectiveness.
•  Value and differentiation of capability in the marketplace  (Intellectual Property).
•  Software development process discipline and maturity.
•  Explanation of technology alternatives to top-level executives.
•  Coaching and mentoring of teams and managers.
•  Assists with raising investment capital by explaining the business  rational for technology.
Fx-CTO is ideally suited to help your company succeed.   From a deep understanding of both business and technology, I can help you define your business model and get to market quicker with a solution that balances speed of implementation with robust design.