bullet Services Overview:
Many development managers started their careers as programers and as a result that is where their strength and comfort zone is.   This sometimes results in a communication barrier between the technologist and other executives on the team.   Everyone has the company's best interest in mind, but their view points differ.  The simplest solution to this problem is to employ a seasoned professional that can provide support and guidance to the development manager from a peer level; someone who has "been there, done that."
Fractional CTO
Most small companies are not of a size that warrants employing a full-time Chief Technology Officer.  However, many companies in this category would benefit greatly from the strategic guidance to the engineering department and improved level of alignment between business and development teams that CTO provides.  Engaging a CTO on a fractional basis gives a small company the benefits that usually only available to larger companies.
Process Improvement
Every company has slightly different needs for their software development process.  Even within a company, no two software projects can be handled exactly the same.   Each project has different time pressures, requirements, risks, resources, skills, development and test environments and technologies.  Even the level of quality needed for each project is different.  There are proven practices within the software engineering discipline that can be applied to your company to improve your software quality and lower your development costs.
Evaluation/Reccomendation and Due Diligence
A critical evaluation of the technology.  Analysis of state of the art developments and comparisons.   A review of related and competitive technologies.   An evaluation of intellectual property position.   Assessing the knowledge and skills of technical personnel.   Review release schedule to determine company's ability to deliver new features and critical bug fixes on a timely and appropriate basis.  Review and evaluate whether the development process is appropriately structured and documented.  Review component technology use, compliance with standards, data structure design, module structures and code reuse, control flow, and code structure.   Identify possible problem areas related to the company's technical architecture.